Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shaky foundations

Rod posted an ominous photo of the Enchanted Valley Chalet in Olympic National Park, taken by Ben Durrant. 

Enchanted Valley Chalet -- doomed

You can see the effect of the winter storms since I was out there in January.

On a similar note, we have a little VIX breakout today that bears watching (by bears).

VIX uh oh ...

If you subscribe to Bob McHugh's technical newsletter, you know that he had one of his handy phi mate turn dates scheduled for this past Monday, 5/13 -- when we made the high on SPX.  The next few weeks will tell us how significant this high may be.

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Bicycle said...

My brother is a folk singer in the Chicago. He used to write songs to poke fun at Richard Daley, and now he has updated them to take on the Rahm.

Have a listen, DeflationLand:

Here's another one, about the Blue Line:

And the original, which the others are derivative of: