Thursday, December 17, 2020

AdBlock custom settings for Zero Hedge

I have found that Zero Hedge is much more enjoyable without advertisements and other distractions.
With AdBlock configured in your browser, select Customize, and manually edit your filters, adding these:[id="google_ads_iframe_/21841313772/zerohedge/rail_right_bottom_0"][id="google_ads_iframe_/21841313772/zerohedge/rail_right_top_0"][src="about:blank?upapi=true"][id="google_ads_iframe_/21841313772/zerohedge/leaderboard_0"][class="MidArticleNewsletter_imageContainer__3_FYW"][id="google_ads_iframe_/21841313772/zerohedge/rail_left_bottom_0"][class="SidebarRight_container__3-SHG"][class="SidebarLeft_container__JPgco"][id="google_ads_iframe_/21841313772/zerohedge/leaderboard_0__container__"][id="midArticle"][class="MidArticleNewsletter_midArticle__I7CMh"][class="Advert_desktop__1J5vD Advert_tablet__3QEBr Advert_mobile__1rlLc Advert_placement__1I4yb"][class="Advert_desktop__1J5vD Advert_placement__1I4yb"][class="Banner_banner__2PJ1Y"][class="Advert_desktop__1J5vD Advert_tablet__3QEBr Advert_placement__1I4yb"]
Save and reload, and now Zero Hedge is all content, without annoying distractions. YMMV, but these settings work great in my browser. Learn to use the AdBlock plugin to trim offensive content like a digital bonsai tree.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

DIA report pending

Out Friday.
POTUS must do the needful without mercy. The 2008 tape takes equities where they need to go.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Now we cross the rally channel

Support is at about 2960 on the low edge of the rally channel, at the Full Moon at the end of November.

1970s State Street, Chicago

The next panic phase comes around the December 8th "Safe Harbor" deadline, ending when the Fed meets mid-month and is friendly again.  Trump will win; actually, he already has.

Q1 2021 is an epic disaster as all the idled mortgages and rents are due again, and the can can't be kicked.  We can easily reach a 3-digit S&P 500 by the end of February.

S&P 500 crossing the megaphone


Monday, November 9, 2020

Worst-case scenario

The worst-case scenario for the equity markets is a full-blown Constitutional crisis, keying off the Electoral College meeting 14 December.  It is a real crisis, sure, made exponentially worse by all the leverage and insolvency loosed upon the world.

Titanic vs modern cruise liner

This will only end when the Fed announces ambitious monetization and purchases of index ETFs at the January FOMC.

IMO this is the severe but brief deflationary shock that everyone on Real Vision expects to happen one of these days.  But who will catch it?

S&P 500 worst-case