Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enchanted Valley Chalet threatened by East Fork Quinault River

After seeing the news about the Enchanted Valley Chalet in Olympic National Park, I took advantage of some sunny weather last weekend to hike out to see the old girl before she is gone.  I've hiked through this area countless times, either as a destination, or on the way to somewhere else.  Last Saturday, I hiked the East Fork Quinault trail as a 26-mile dayhike, moving fast and light.

Enchanted Valley Chalet

It was a beautiful winter day for a hike, crisp and clear.  I left Seattle at 4:00 a.m. to get to the trailhead early enough for our short winter days.  Roosevelt elk are a common sight in the in the low valleys this time of year.

East Fork Quinault trail

Roosevelt elk near O'Neill camp


Permabear Doomster said...

I predict a collapse wave for that Chalet.

Bullish Seahawks.

Have a fun week.

Christian Gustafson said...

Hey Doomie. Actually, while I pounded out 26 miles of trail, my mind was buried in waves and fibs. I actually came up with a fresh new idea I will post later this week.

Peyton Manning is no mere football player, he's a creator of new modes and orders, a founder, a Romulus, a Lycurgus. It is utterly beneath him to play the lowly Seahawks.

Rod said...

"Another big storm -- a 4" or 6" deluge -- will wash out what remains of the riverbank and undercut the foundation of the 1930 building."

A structural engineer predicts EV Chalet will stand until undermined almost to its center of gravity, due to its solid cedar sill logs. So it may have some chance of surviving... this spring, even if emergency action is not taken. Studies of a range of alternatives are doubtless underway...

Christian Gustafson said...

Hello Rod --

First, thanks for dropping in! I follow your picture feed on Picasa and enjoy EVERYTHING you post there.

If you ever want to sell your old ONP maps, please let me know. I'm a fairly hardcore book hound and ONP hiker, so I would pay top dollar for them. I am a huge fan of the late Robert Wood and have 3 books signed by him.

Bob Wood moved me from IL to WA, no kidding.

You know what really upset me about my hike into E-V a few weeks ago? I hate that new-ish trail bridge into the valley, I really do. I think it is extremely dangerous and unsuitable for youngsters. I ended up fording the Quinault twice on this hike -- I would not cross this bridge.

I'll post a diatribe on this over the weekend, I guess.

Good to see you. I may just do the Tshletshy this summer, and then follow it up with a Skyline loop and that Promise Creek X-C I know I can do.