Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Claim HRC has advanced Parkinson's disease

Black swan, lock-limit down /ES if this manifests itself dramatically at the first debate late this month.

Maximum Leader Trump is going to destroy this awful woman.


Bryan Franco said...

CG - I watched the video and researched some of the claims the doctor made. These claims do not seem unreasonable. Separately, why on earth is the market crawling higher despite Trump gaining in the polls? Are they rigging the market pre-election?

frank said...

Bryan, looking on as an outsider, Trump is not going to rock the boat. Wall street will continue happily on it's path with Trump or Clinton and anyone who thinks otherwise is engaging in wishful thinking.

Christian Gustafson said...

Trump has made comments re defaulting on the national debt. Here is a man with some direct experience with bankruptcy, and he knows that the USA is broke. He also understands the QE scam.

He is a neutron bomb airburst over the Mall in D.C. Hillary remains the choice of the elites, all of them.

Bryan, that email question re Parkinson's meds is the smoking gun, IMO. The first debate on 9/26 has wicked potential.

TSE said...

According to the video, Hillary has:

"a bigger neurological problem"

No kidding.

"Neurological disorders are diseases that affect the brain and the central and autonomic nervous systems".

AKA - the Crazies are in charge. And they feed on MONEY! Yes - that infinitely expanding source of power which the FED provides. Hillary feeds her fix with a phony 501(c)(3) Charity - while The Donald knows that *BANKRUPTCY* (multiple times) is the way to go!

As Frank stated: "wishful thinking" - or perhaps the ability to conjure out of the aether - something from nothing - but yet - IT MAY EXIST!

Stuff you - at least the Plebs, arent' supposed to know:

Nuclear Bomb - Weapons Secrets - Classified Principles

i.e. Timing is everything! (and those in the know - really meant it!) It's the Music of the Spheres - known to the Ancients.

Remember that Maxwell's Equations involved very difficult math, and could prove over unity reactions - the extra energy came from the aether - but they were modified by Oliver Heaviside - and it is now Heaviside's modified equations of Maxwell which are taught in mainstream physics.

It's The Music of the Spheres..... and before she cut her hair - *WOW*

Olivia Newton-John- Magic

Look at the FED - the construction of the building - it's Limestone blocks and symmetry - this is a deeply religious and symbolic structure. A structure! Nothing is by accident - it is all design by ancient knowledge. The same basic building blocks of The FED also compose your skeleton structure - which endures even after your life ceases. IT. IS.

Hillary is everything - and nothing.

Everything and nothing - surrounded by brackets separating them creates a TRINITY.

Hugh Jazole said...

A new book for uber doomers, from the original uber doomer.


Bryan Franco said...

CG. Look at JGBD. It is the 3x inverse jgb etf. Japan debt tsunami.

TSE said...

"A new book for uber doomers, from the original uber doomer".

Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski, also known as the "Unabomber", is an American domestic terrorist, anarchist, and mathematical prodigy.

Only those who love and embrace modern Industrial Civilization would agree that the end of Industrial Civilization would be "DOOM". That said, I have only experienced the benefits - and misfortune of Industrial Civilization - I know little else.

There was a Golden Age, long before the Industrial Revolution, prior to the collapse of High Civilization, which was ended by a Comet striking the Earth -

Fingerprint Of A Global Cataclysm 12,800 Years Ago

The book is both DOOM - and HOPE. Bcause a petroleum based Industrial Civilization which is based upon a fictional currency has a limited lifespan. And when the resources run out - indeed, that Civilization will end, no matter the amount of fictional currency that is injected.

And I would argue that Jay Hanson, and his site - dieoff.org, was first.


Unabomber says he will break 20 YEARS of silence... on one condition: Ted Kaczynski offers interview to journalist as long as he understands 'I am NOT insane'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3605293/Unabomber-pens-letter-prison-saying-s-ready-share-story-20-years-brother-led-investigators-arrest.html#ixzz4JiH3TPW5
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Ted is truly not insane.

What is insane - is the candidates in the current contest for President of the U.S. And the People who will support and elect them - to be their "Leaders".

Face it - Americans have been SnOrTiNg' WhIsKeY and DrInKiNg CoCaInE for a long time now! One day - that comes to an end.

Pat Travers

Bicycle said...

So this is wave 4?

7 trading days until FOMC
13 trading days until debate #1

4 bottoms into FOMC, wave 5 spike on the minutes.

Christian Gustafson said...

Was just wondering that, Bicycle.

It would suggest that Gartman is right for once -- did he use a secret "safe word" to indicate this?

Or it just means that the Fed sees what is happening and still doesn't dare hike.

Bicycle said...

Either that, or this is not the 5 wave move we're looking for...

But let's see how far it goes. Still 30 handles south left on your 4.

Bryan Franco said...

CG - Why 2/24 low no longer a wave 2? I wish it were.

Christian Gustafson said...

1810 low marked the end of the larger W4 for SPX.

Now we're in c of iv of 5. The support trendline from the 1810 lows is about 2107 right on FOMC day this month.

If they do not hike (again), I expect there will be some shorts to squeeze.

And by not hiking this month, decent chance they are forced to hike in November.

Bicycle said...

Yellen and the entire Fed board of governors will have resigned in protest after the Nov general election results are known

Donald appoints Ivanka Fed Chairwoman

First order of business 500 bps rate hike

Bryan Franco said...

A dream come true. Time to take our lumps. Some structural changes to boot, and we can have America back in 5 to 10 years.

Unknown said...

It's a sad day - whhen the S&P closes down below the number of shot in Chicago.

On a close of 2,127.81 - the stats in Chicago stood at:

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 465
Shot & Wounded: 2541
Total Shot: 3006
Total Homicides: 517

Only Women Bleed

Because NUMBERS change everything.

Archimago said...

Not an American myself but observing what's happening with Clinton vs. Trump is interesting.

With head injury and the reported cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, likelihood IMO is that of a seizure disorder based on some of the descriptions and videos I've seen. Her brain MRI image would be very interesting in terms of the amount of white matter change, possible hemosiderin deposition, and potential atrophy.

Clearly she does not have Parkinson's Disease.