Friday, May 2, 2014

Charts 05-02 a.m.: Miscellany

Just a few spare ideas I'm kicking around.

The first is, the market is so jacked-up here that we actually could have TWO 2008-style episodes ahead of us.  I had sketched out yesterday how a Fall 2014 could break down a few chart supports and return us to the starting point of SPX 1040 this fall.  The magnitude of such a move is comparable to the entire 2008 cycle.

After the crash, we still have time and room to retrace and crash again!  Maybe a giant zig-zag to finish the Jaws of Death:

SPX twin-crashes concept car

OX finally fixed their historical DJIA chart data, so I can now do a long-term log chart of the Jaws of Death, like so.

DJIA Jaws of Death, log scale

Remember, each leg of this monster is a three-wave sequence.  In Bulkowski we trust!

Here's the VIX, a few trendlines pointing to 5/20 and a sub-12 VIX.

VIX daily

That's it.  I'll post some bubble RE pix over the weekend.  While I was away in the Arizona, I think I may have found this cycle's Queen Creek.  No, really.


Permabear Doomster said...

Hmm, I'm sure I annoy you, not least with the notion that we'll push back upward into 2015.

Anyway, the Bradley dates are still a mystery to me.

Are they published anywhere, with the basis for 'why' those dates?

As for 20/th May turn...that'd certainly be a prime one for me...I'll be mindful at that time.

T.Berry said...

faber out today calling for another crash (lost track of how many he called since 2010),,,,bicycle's 2200-2300 a lock,,,not till 15' tho

T.Berry said...

^vix sickly,,,,07' lows ahead? smells like 10.42,,,,cg your lows will come someday! not for a while tho----17' maybe?

T.Berry said...

^vix single digits, anyone? nothing can stop this market. gonna let longs ride for 2250