Saturday, May 11, 2013

Charts 05-10: New Moon

First, a look ahead to 2015, with a pack of Deflation Land readers taking delicious long pig on the hoof with the atl-atl.  The marbling on this one is extraordinary.

following the seasonal herds
Tonight is the New Moon, which can mark important tops such as in 2007.  The tape these last couple of days looks a lot like a diamond-top formation -- again, it's either consolidation or a top.

We got the Hilsendrath news after-hours, with a POMO-free Monday ahead.  I'd like to see us close the gap down at 1600, with a healthy bounce Tuesday that rolls over intraday on Wednesday.

Enjoy the weekend.  If it doesn't rain Sunday, we'll be out at Interbay playing a round of mini-putt.


Jeff Schrader said...

Abandon ship?

treider_ said...

your last top 1636.18 was very close to yesterdays top 1636.20, that did not topped out, but was a good resistance.

Alex Red said...

Looks like a break out today. Are you still short, Christian?