Monday, March 31, 2008

No-land homes

Here's a development underway in Ballard by my favorite builder, Noland Homes.  Oh, I don't know much about them personally or care if they live or die, all I know is that they build overpriced townhouses and condos all over Seattle and that their name is funny.

Noland Homes ... condos, townhouse tenements ... as in no-land homes.  I love it!

As I walked into work this morning (~6.5 mi), I saw this listing in the houseboat community along Westlake Avenue.  It's in here somewhere.

Only $700K for a houseboat.  I wonder if Noland Homes built it.  Because.  It's a house boat.

I'll be here all week.


bearzilla said...

do you walk -6.5 miles to work every day? & Home? how do you get home? And how long does it take you to walk 25-26.5 miles?
& again how do you get home?

christiangustafson said...

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I walk in, with a camera in case I see any good RE disasters for my blog. At a pace of about 3.5mi/hr, this takes me about 1:45. I leave home just after 6 am.

I take the bus home, of course. For the longer walk, that was about 3.5 mi/hr as well, typical speed on pavement. 4 mi/hr requires continuous exertion to maintain.

Hiking doesn't really get exciting until you're doing 25 mi or more in a day, especially in the mountains.

bearzilla said...

Thank you!!