Monday, March 31, 2008

Car campers sneaking back into Ballard

Saw a few this morning.  My walking route takes me down 9th Ave NW to Leary, where I catch the Burke-Gilman now that it's light enough for the bikes to see me.  In the dead of winter, when it's dark out, I usually go up and over Phinney Ridge.  I walk from north of 85th Street to downtown Seattle, three times a week.

Here's one:

And another:

See if I can get a better angle on this second one; she's in good shape for her age.

Chutzpah!  Camping out right in front of the sign itself! 

I think I'm warming to these people.


Tom said...

Saw one on Stone Way, right out in front of Bizarro's in Wallingford; in a van with curtains in all of the windows. The fogged over windows gave it away.

Darcey said...

Also spotted on 4/6: four of them parked under the I-5 overpass next to the Ravenna/65th St. exit.

There are no posted parking restrictions there, and for years that small area has been tolerated as a long-term parking spot for decrepit vehicles. Next up: 2-5am signs.

Scott said...

Hey! Nice pic of that Executive motorhome. Nostalgic--my Dad got one and our big trip across the country was in 1977!!! I was 13...