Saturday, March 15, 2008

Phinney Ridge goes downhill

What is the matter with Phinney Ridge?  I had thought it was a nice neighborhood, with real craftsman SFHs, decent shops, good bars.  The new housing up there is horrid!

Let's start with the Fini condos.  This is what they deem worthy to sit on the top of the ridge.  This faux-facade cutesy neighborhood look makes me think of Celebration, FL.  "Oooh, is this what cities look like?"

Continuing south, in what should be a nice neighborhood, we find some more townhouses.  Same standard design.  Did someone publish the design for these things in Popular Science as a gift to the world?  Same design, but with different finishes outside and in.  That's what differentiates them.  So what is the name for this disaster?  "Lukewarm Ovaltine"?

The rocks above the sidewalk signify that these are highly refined, dignified townhouses, well worth the money.  Remember, townhouses are made for people who can't afford condo dues.

The tour is not over yet.  Remember, same design, different finishes.  I ask, if there is a God who loves us, why does he allow this to exist? 

All units are for sale!  You can have the privilege of living in townhouse luxury in one of Seattle's better neighborhoods.

The use of slate tiles for exterior decoration will be like 1970s avocado linoleum or wood panelling.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, now we're just so embarrassed by it all.

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