Saturday, March 15, 2008

Car camping cluster on Phinney Ridge

I walk to work from Crown Hill to downtown 3 times a week, a distance of 6.5 to 7 miles, depending on the route.  As a dedicated hiker, I can put up 30+ mile days routinely, it's what I love to do.

In 2006, I noticed a lot of campers and vans parked in the industrial strip off Ballard, the "Free-Lard" region near 8th and south of Market.  Ballard noticed this, and kicked them out.  Now I see a cluster of them on Phinney Ridge:
This is near the north entrance of the zoo, along Phinney Ave.

These vehicles are all inhabited, and clustered close together.  Of course, there is plenty of broken glass in the parking areas nearby.  I'm not saying that these people are breaking into cars, but I wouldn't put it past them.

The camping clusters in Ballard were eventually broken up because of the drug use and crime that accompanied them.  Concerned citizens and residents of Phinney Ridge would do well to do the same.  Send them to Portland!


bradinsb said...

Car Camping is a big problem n Santa Barbara also. They made laws that you can not park on certain streets after midnight.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, you phuq'n seattleheadz..leave the campers alone. Just because they weren't stupid enough to buy property in your neighborhoods, spelled "investorhood" they should just go away? Tell you what, last time I checked, the United States is continuing to grow, and you might wanna deal with it. The United States isn't even United anymore. It's a dog eat dog world. The United States has open borders, NAFTA, and the Statue of Liberty, and with those three things, you just might want to deal with population growth, and this meaning that people aren't going away from your lil hood. So open your doors to the poor, I'm sure they don't like to live in their cars. When I read your phuq'n comments, it makes my stomach rumble. It's almost like reading that if people aren't excelling, then they should just go off and die. Phuq u Seattleman, your comments are for the trash. Also, I'm sure they aren't breaking into the cars around there, its just that Seattle doesn't want to burn excess fossil fuels to clean up a bit of trash on the streets. Here's a question.....have any of the car campers actually been charged with a crime, or do you just wish they would.
Portland, OR