Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chilly Saturday

I had planned to visit Paul Allen's condo sales center at Denny & Westlake today, perhaps the Mecca and Medina of Seattle condo marketing religion. Instead, the cold weather limited my range, and it will have to wait for another, more sunny, Saturday.

Specifically, it was too cold to hike all the way from the Seattle Aquarium to the sales center, with this little sweetheart on my back:

She's getting over a cold, so we enjoyed the Aquarium together, grabbed lunch, she fell asleep in her Kelty Kids backpack, and I contented myself with visiting a few bookstores in Pioneer Square. Wessel and Lieberman has a nice copy of Hayek on Hayek if anyone is interested. I'll return to pick it up if you don't!

I did swing over to Site 17 again. Still counting 10 lockboxes:

For the sake of my readers, I snapped pix of a few of the other strange quotation plaques on the outside of the building. Clearly, living here takes on a much greater import than I had thought.

Neighborhood, yes. Nice neighborhood. On the short walk over to Site 17, I witnessed the open-air drug market now on Western. HINT: among the itinerant day-laborers on Western Ave, the ones that are not Mexican are either junkies or dealers. I think my daughter even figured this one out.

Site 17, and condo conversions throughout the city, especially the junk in places like Fremont, you are on notice. Those of you who bought into this ponzi are currently underwater.

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Econ_E said...

you should come take a picture of our bubble bench at 2200.

I'll buy you a beer.