Thursday, January 24, 2008

Surely, you must be joking

MLS 27202179, Whitman and 105th in N. Greenwood, Seattle.  Yes, tenement-town!  Better hope no one falls asleep smoking on a hot, dry, windy summer night in this 'hood, or the whole place will go up like a 19th century American city.  A million board feet of pressed sawdust and glue lives up here.
Here's what you get for a mere $529,950:

Don't you just love the columns in the front?  Did some Boy Scout or high school shop student tack those together?  1818 sq ft, or a mere $291/sq ft! But you get a piece of dirt in Seattle, Washington, the greatest, smartest, coolest city on the planet.  It's cheap!  We're the next San Francisco.  Sell it in two years for double.

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