Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seattle bubblicious fence

Finally, it has happened.  The bubble has popped in Seattle.  Wash DC had its celebrated Bubblicious Bench, now I give you the Bubblicious Fence.  Behold: 
I count 7 lockboxes on the fence, and it's not even Spring Selling Season yet!
I know this building.  I lived here.  It's in Lower Queen Anne, a fashionable area just north of downtown.  I moved to this building in 2000, coming from Chicago to work at a dotcom called Onvia on Lake Union.  
I rented a tiny 407 sq ft studio unit for $1000/mo, with a nice view of downtown, Mt Rainier, the Space Needle, and the Olympic mountains.  It was all the space I needed, and I was seldom home, always out hiking or climbing in the mountains, or at work.  
A couple of years ago, the Athena went condo, and some fool bought my tiny studio for $215K, or $528/sq ft!

I'll keep tabs on this situation throughout the spring.  Seattle, you have finally arrived!  Welcome to Deflation Land!  Congratulations, Athena!


Zanket said...

Funny blog!

I've thought about getting one of these tiny studios near Queen Anne for a pied-à-terre, because they seem relatively cheap. (I'm confined to the Eastside for work--hate commuting across the lake.) But alas, I do not have money to burn. In 1994 I had a nice 2 bedroom apt. on the top of Queen Anne for $525/mo. Those were the days! Maybe again?

christiangustafson said...

Like I said, I will monitor the situation in Lower Queen Anne very closely. Right now we're at 7 lockboxes one week before Superbowl. This could go parabolic any minute now.

Deborah said...

Hi, just stopped by to take a look. I'll follow along....