Thursday, January 24, 2008

Granite counters and murder-holes!

I played a lot of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons as a kid, where I learned about a "murder-hole", basically a slit in a castle wall where some rogue can stick a crossbow or spear and give you a nasty surprise.
Why do cardboard townhomes in Whittier Heights, Seattle, now come with murder-holes?  Wouldn't a nice picture window make for a nicer home?

My theory is that the builder wisely thought of the coming deflation, and added this feature in an attempt to defend the property from looting mobs.  Does it come with a crossbow?
Two of the eight units have sold!  The remaining few are $375K and $380K.  The street facing units must be worth that extra $5K.  By the way, bagholders, in this neighborhood, that nice wood fence will be a magnet for graffiti.  Get ready.

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