Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bond-pocalypse for the win

W1 down was 340 pts on the S&P.  A wave 3 impulse here should extend to 1.618 of W1, i.e. 550 handles.  Our first 50 are already in the bag, and if the 10Y Treasury collapses overnight to 3% yield or more, then the remaining 500 should be easy -- only 100/day through the end of February. 

We already visited the 200 DMA, so now we can crush it.

We are so due for this sort of move -- a quick 20% crash in equities.


Christian Gustafson said...

Please read Spengler's Decline of the West if you have not already done so.

Christian Gustafson said...

So you can cheer it on from home.

All Treasury debt is tyranny and bondage upon your children. We must face up to the task of destroying every odious penny of it.

Bicycle said...

That is the perfect gif.

T.Berry said...

all the fearmongery regarding the 10 year is reached laughable time. first the fear of 2.65, then 2.75, then 2.85, 2.95 and now, drum rollllllll 3.00 lol. sure that's it, 3.00 lol

the fact don't lie and the truth is the stock market does quite well when rates raise. the truth is in the numbers.

sept 7, 2017 tnx 2.06 now 2.92 up 41%

sept 7, 2017 the dow jones= 21,784 today 25,150 up 16%

the initial fear caused a nice bull market 10% correction 2 weeks ago but once people realized rates don't matter money and lots of it came pouring into the stock market.

T.Berry said...

outstanding market comeback. already up over 8% since the correction lows put in 2/9. corrections, just like bear markets, don't last long. you gotta be quick to pull the trigger, too much money on the sidelines plus foreigners are tripping to get into the us stock market.

it won't be too long before the "all time record highs" banners start flying. next earnings q the tax cuts will begin showing up in the numbers, and we could have the infrastructure bill on the table getting ready to pass look for a records to fall.

T.Berry said...

just one more high said the crack addict. lol

cheers to new coming ath's!