Wednesday, December 28, 2016


It sure looks like a failed 5th wave at SPX 2273.  I have us heading down to the 2035-2040 area on the SPX into the week of the Ascension of Donald John Trump.

Need some more spooky red candles in the days ahead.

The real fun begins February 1st when the Fed moneylenders shank and turn out the new fish on the cell block.  Then we will cross the 20% mark off the highs (1820 SPX) that declares the arrival of the Bear.

SPX 60 day with Bear count


Christian Gustafson said...

It's too important now to mess around with alt counts and halfway measures. Expecting heavy, sustained selling out of the gates once we start the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Things are in place for a first quarter sell of. If DJT and copper keeping selling off, while gasoline keeps rising, stocks aren't going to like that one bit.

Christian Gustafson said...

Maybe BTFD into the Full Moon near the MLK holiday weekend?

That would be 1 week before Trump becomes CEO of Western Civilization.

Anonymous said...

The latest investor sentiment has bullish @ 45%, and bearish @ 25%. My guess is the mom and pop crowd are buying hand over fist, and probably being pushed into stocks by brokers/managers. I'd like to see those numbers reverse before I BTFD.

Anonymous said...

Tucker Carlson fly fishing in Central Park.

TSE said...

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Anonymous said...

Triple zigzag? WTF is a triple zigzag!?

Christian Gustafson said...

Triple zig-zag is an attempt to find Reason in a long, tedious wave 4 move.

Seek wisdom in Bulkowski.

TSE said...

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TSE said...

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TSE said...

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TSE said...

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Christian Gustafson said...

Now this looks like crazy 2A fun.

TSE said...

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TSE said...

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Anonymous said...

T.Berry said...

dont expect jan rate hike nor if there was one would the market would go down. fed rate hikes are bullish. cautious shorting even after christmas. this market looks way too strong. '17 is going to be another good one for the bulls imo. the donald low likely will never be seen again. best to all for a very successful '17! stay long and get ready to put on the dow20k hats!

Christian Gustafson said...

Cup n handle on the /ES hourly suggests that we're going to reach 2300 SPX within the next week.

Tomorrow the handle?

Anonymous said...

Looking super bullish short term for sure. I think Trump's inauguration will be a great excuse for a sell off. The peak of which will probably be February. Might be a short/mid-term BTFD opportunity. The DJT is well below its 52 week high, just need a few more leading indicators to get on board.

Bryan Franco said...

Semiconductors. Watch glamour stocks like Nvidia for clues.

Bicycle said...

there won't need to be an excuse for a sell off

the hard and fast reason for this crash is originating in china

when you start hearing anecdotal reports of ferraris and maseratis being abandoned at US international airports

that is the time you should already be in the bunker

pb said...

"when you start hearing anecdotal reports of ferraris and maseratis being abandoned at US international airports

that is the time you should already be in the bunker"

Bicycle - I don't get your post. Can you elaborate I'm a little slow today

T.Berry said...

what you considering a sell off? 5%? 10%? some will look back when the s&p is 4k+ nas at 10k dji 35k the next 5-6 years and kick themselves. buying pullbacks have always worked just like price averaging in for the long term. 100% winning strategy. a sell off isn't any reason to sell for long term investors. about to enter 5th inning.

shorting this bull market is dangerous so be careful!

Anonymous said...

T-Berry, I would put the odds of a 5% sell off at 80%. 10 or more, 50/50. Keep in mind T-Berry, some of us are die hard bargain shoppers. Nothing makes me sicker than paying full price for anything! Seriously, I won't even pay full price for underwear. Of course as a bargain shopper, you do run the risk that the price only rises perpetually. Want to know how many things I've seen that happen to? ZERO!

Anonymous said...

Now "hacking" will be used as the excuse for war? Haha, these guys are just too much.