Sunday, July 24, 2016

Has the 10Y yield bottomed?

The long-term chart shows an RSI divergence on the recent lows.

Maybe we will learn a bit more on this in the upcoming week.

^TNX monthly


Christian Gustafson said...

And TLT, too, is in a dangerous place.

John said...

Right on brotha!!

Christian Gustafson said...

It looks like you have made that ETN on yahoo your own secret private space.

I love it.

Bryan Franco said...

Amazing that you could get just about the same YTD total return from most stock and bond aggregates. Something has to give. Perhaps both will give.

John said...

All Yahoo boards are secret :)

TSE said...

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Get ya some and heap upon your Brats and Cheese:

Don't forget the Beer. Pabst, or Schlitz, of course.

Christian Gustafson said...

Huber beer, sold in returnable bottles, from Monroe, WI.

My 4-H club used to ride the bike trail from Brodhead to New Glarus every year, with overnight camping in a state park.

John Smith said...


I remember Huber Beer. Do you remember Black Bear soda?

And I can go further back, to when I went to Ronscholdt's (Racine, WI) and had a soda jerk make me a "Green River", which is basically a Coke without the caramel coloring.

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Eventually, after traveling dowm the Coast it was up the Klamath. And I visited Bluff Creek abd Bigfoot Books. Steven Strufert is, unfortunatelty an asshole.

Then onto Mt. Shasta, Weed, CA. (LOL) and Lassen.

The financial World we must live in is so disconnected from the actual physical World.

For your consideration:

John said...

"The symmetry in terms of time isn’t quite complete; according to the diagram, the mirror-image low in yields isn’t due until July 2017. On the other hand, the symmetry in yield level has already been satisfied. In fact, the 1.55% (monthly average) yield record in July 2012 was two basis points below the “model projection.” Bond bulls holding out for the 2017 projection do so at their own peril."--February 20, 2013
by Doug Ramsey, Eric Weigel

We reached a low of 1.35% on the 10 year in 2016 so far.