Sunday, March 6, 2016

Books: Wilhelm Röpke

Zero Hedge has a very nice tribute to Wilhelm Röpke, so I thought I would check my shelves for him and post whatever I have on hand.

Wilhelm Röpke, Economics of the Free Society, Henry Regnery (Chicago), 1963

Wilhelm Röpke, A Humane Economy: the Social Framework of the Free Market,
 Henry Regnery (Chicago), 1960
Wilhelm Röpke, Against the Tide, Henry Regnery (Chicago), 1960
And here's a bonus book I noticed on the shelf, it's not Röpke, but it will have to do.

Ludwig von Mises, Notes and Recollections,
Libertarian Press (South Holland, IL), 1978, signed by Margit von Mises

Heck yeah

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