Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This? Something else? Nothing at all?

We want to see patterns.

We want to believe there is order and causality and sense, matter in motion, not formless chaos.

Green channel?  Sure, why not.

SPX 2Y keying off 1737 area


Christian Gustafson said...

Make it past the FOMC Minutes tomorrow, and it's free beer until Thanksgiving.

Bryan Franco said...

Does the "Nothing at All" option mean the market just stops?

Christian Gustafson said...

Permanently high plateau. Or 1737 in a flash on the S&P.

Bryan Franco said...

CG - I was hoping for some more fireworks than that!!! Those are my only choices?

Christian Gustafson said...

What I've actually proposed here is an awesome bearish outcome if it plays out.

It depends on a dovish Fed Minutes release today, then we pop over resistance and rally effortlessly to new highs on the indices.

Should this happen, NO ONE will be short (except for me), not into what remains of the "Santa rally" Christmas season.

This is why I am suggesting that a dismal Black Friday this year would also be a Black Swan for the equity markets, with shocking results.

Christian Gustafson said...

SPX peeking over resistance now.

2160 into Thanksgiving and I will short like a dour Pilgrim, with extreme prejudice.