Tuesday, October 13, 2015

All you can do is laugh

Take what you can from the markets while they last, exit the financial system when you have enough.


Don't look back.

Everyone out there who really gets the Austrian theme, knows what is coming, what reversion to reality will mean.


Don't look back.


ruff times said...

Haven't posted in a while. Is it the fact that we are up going on 9 straight that has you beat down? :) Where's the chart and target we have all become accustomed to? I think we are range bound with SNP testing 3/4 of the recent low. Full stochastics on spy are a freaking joke here. Short with a vengeance as I type

Christian Gustafson said...

I'm in the crash camp.

My only regret with the rally is not pulling the trigger on some 8 cent calls that would have been nice.

Where's support now? August demonstrated how this market can move.

Anonymous said...

"exit the financial system" How does one go about doing that? I use a credit union, I'm almost entirely in cash, and have zero debt. Is that enough?

Bicycle said...

WMT!!! Jesus Christ!!