Friday, September 18, 2015

Charts 09-18

Question for next week is whether we're done with the retrace or in a terminal diagonal that is almost but not quite complete.

SPX 09-18
SPX 09-18 1Y


Permabear Doomster said...

Hmm, I sure would like to see a few days of upside.. back to 2010/30s.

Broader price structure is extremely bearish, would be great to short from higher up.

You must be getting excited CG... the setup is pretty good.

I still think anything under 1700 is just not viable... however, I did notice Grasso (an NYSE floor op) on CNBC on Friday talk about 1600s.. as there is no real support once back under 1800.

Have a good weekend... the next few weeks should really offer some major downside.

For the love of god, can you please get disque installed?

Christian Gustafson said...

"No real support" under 1800 SPX for me means that lower pink trendline on my chart. I agree, it is a long way down.

I'm glad to see you also want another hop in this. There are some indications, rising hourly Bollingers, a need for a good hard divergence up above. It really is a great entry, if we can get it off the Wednesday Bradley model turn.

The default Blogger commenting has really grown on my now, crude and reliable like a Russian tank or fighter plane. We're too far along now to mix it up. My blog was never meant for the masses, just my friends.

Glad to see you, Doomie. Good luck to you this week. I still need to visit the London and take all I can from your bookshops. Will they stop me at Heathrow if I have too nice an edition of Hobbes?

Permabear Doomster said...

re: Will they stop me at Heathrow if I have too nice an edition of Hobbes?

Just don't mention anything along the lines of anti-gun control or pro-republic.

Best time to visit London is mid Aug/early Sept... or mid May/early June.... everything looks especially good around then.

Many of the stocks I use as indirect pre-cursor warnings - like AAPL, DIS, or INTC, are already flashing problems. For those watching the tick to tick action... there are little tremors already.

Frankly.. those spike lows on Aug'24th are viable targets for each given stock in the next down wave.

No more longs for me (not even micro ones)... its short all the way into Oct' from here. The only issue is whether its Monday.. or a few days later. In scheme of things... not going to make too much difference.

I think I'm going to need to stock up on some more popcorn (or in my case.. chocolates) for the coming entertainment. :)

Bicycle said...

we are close now