Saturday, March 21, 2015

BBRY Death-cross imminent

Market up 1% Friday, BBRY down nearly 2%.

This one is about to die.

Karl S. Denninger, future owner of BBRY.PK

So have some fun at Karl's expense.

And the chart.  You might object, noting that BBRY had a death cross roughly a year ago.  She survived that swoon, but she has now lost the channel from that recovery.

Bye-bye BBRY.


Disclosure: I've never traded BBRY or any derivatives thereof.  I only play index options and volatility ETFs.

Edit -- more fun, try your hand at this.

Karl S. Denninger
Karl S. Denninger


Permabear Doomster said...

hello CG

BBRY is indeed a bizarre stock for anyone to get touting... not least Denniger.

Strange that Ticker guy knows macro economics (can't deny that).. but when it comes to BBRY.. he is in total denial...

Check out the falling revenue...

Dire.... literally.. a dying company.

I suppose there is a chance someone might want to buy it out, but really... I could think of a thousand better companies/brands.

Have a good weekend

Christian Gustafson said...

Karl only wants to bloviate on another subject area beyond his ken. His interest in BBRY allows him to talk about mobile telecom, AAPL, GOOG, the QNX RTOS, whatever. As financial advice, BBRY is complete madness. The fade-Denninger trade has been long-AAPL/NFLX/FB, short-BBRY forever.

Karl is desperate for any whiff of respect from the world. He desperately wants to be considered a wise man worth listening to, instead of the flaky internet crank he actually is.

Hope you're pulling some coin out of this chop, Doomie. It's been fun.

Permabear Doomster said...

re: chop?

Err... US/world indexes are breaking new highs... that doesn't count as chop.

What about my home market of the UK ?

It just broke 7k, will likely hit 8k before year end... and very likely 10k (minimum) by 2017.

That has strong implications for the US market.

ps. Surely you can admit Denniger knows macro-econ... which is what he should stick to?

I can understand why he riles you up... but seriously.. the guy has skillz in some areas.

Phat Repat said...

Yes, bull markets make geniuses, until they don't. ;-)

Bailed at 2109 though system had 2120 as ideal. Doing the math showed only minor difference in gain so, a profit is a profit. ;-)