Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Martin Armstrong's 2015.75 date

I just wanted to note now that Martin Armstrong's 2015.75 super-duper-cycle date is the start of the hyperinflation phase of the $USD.

From [gee, any day now] until then, we get the deflationary downdraft and unwind of Asia and U.S. equities, the big to safety that gets the 10Y Treasury Note under 1% yield.

Once equities hit the lower trendline of the "Jaws of Death" (McHugh), around SPX 560 next summer, yields will bottom and the debt-based currencies will melt away.

Equities first, then bonds, including those zero-coupon paper bills in your pocket.

2015.75 sounds about right.

[edit: LOL I always confuse this guy with Martin Anderson, the Reagan-era economist]  duhhh


christiangustafson said...

All I care about is whether Jim Kunstler can get the 4th volume of World Made By Hand out before things start going fat-tailed all over everywhere.

It will take forever for it to make it out to the West Coast by oral tradition.

Alex Red said...

Uh Bicycle, I think Martin Anderson's date is supposed to be a low rather than high.

Trading Sunset said...

re: 560.

You might be 2000pts under the late 2015 peak.

Seriously, have not the last few days again been a reminder of what the bears face?

Hell, I tried, but ended up getting kicked today at the key sp'1883 threshold.

The notion of sp'500s, just seems crazy.

T.Berry said...

nice work bicycle- 2200 for sure. cant see sub 1700 for a long while and sub 1000 never possibly, rules out 560 cg : ). so much for 1636 in april

christiangustafson said...

Go back to the long-term charts and take a good look at 2011. 1074 was a dramatic low, but one question that has lingered with me for a long time is, was 2011 a triangle?

If 2011 was a B-wave triangle, then it arguably completed at 1202 SPX, correcting "A" by .236.

This gives us ABC like so:

A: 666 -> 1370, 704 pts
B: 1370 -> 1202, .236 correction
C: 1202 + 704? = 1906, for A ~ C

The current rally channel would allow for 1906 early Thursday.