Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Charts 09-25: Wave 4 in?

We have what now looks like a bullish triangle for our wave 4, counting it a-b-c-d-e, finishing up in the .382 retrace area of the previous leg up from 1640.

SPX 09-25
SPX 09-25 30D

The McClellan Oscillator had a second day in a row with a small change, so we should expect a larger move on the indices soon.  VIX and the volatility ETFs weren't too worried about the tape today.

Sadly, Karl Denninger has lost all touch with reality now and is off in space with his delusions while his favorite stock swirls the bowl, lashing out occasionally to ban the few remaining thoughtful participants on the ol' TickerForum.  Would you buy a tech-oriented investment newsletter from this nutcase?  I didn't think so.

Asimov will subscribe, if the price is right.  How about ... a dollar?

Hey, wait, I just noticed that with the extra time spent today, now we can count this entire wave from the 1627 low if we wish.

SPX 09-25 counting from the 1627 low

The important thing for me is having an unbroken 2-4 trendline, which I thought we wouldn't get thanks to how we bounced around down there.  But this wave ate up enough time now to give us a legal count on my rules.  And, counting the wave 3 from 1628, now we can see that this wave 4 has actually NOT exceeded a .382 retrace.

I like it.


eighty6thebs said...

His price target was 20 just a few weeks back on RIM so it has to be a smoking buy here right?

Oh Snap! You mean a washed up network guy who's not worked since 1998 is not up to speed on all the latest tech trends?

How can that be? Yeah this paid newsletter is going to fly off the press.

Love the new blog design CG. On the wave stuff, I'm not sure we get another push to new highs. I think they are in for the year.

Christian Gustafson said...

Thanks, 86. Hang in there, we'll have a top of some kind within the next few weeks.

January 2014 $15 BBRY calls are only 3 cents.

They are a 100-bagger if Karl's prescient call of $18/share for the buyout works out.

He's just amazing. What a guy.