Monday, September 16, 2013

Charts 09-16: Final rally channel?

Dropping all of the chart numbering for a second ... returning to a simple channel from the recent low.

On this chart, it's got GREEN lines.

Project it up ... so ... can we make my target EOW?

SPX 09-16 a.m. - final rally channel?


Anonymous said...

non-chart question - how do I gent "invited" to view the permabeardoomster blog? No problem until today. Thanks in advance and now back to regular programming.....

Christian Gustafson said...

Oh heck, I don't know!

You're right, though, she's gone dark.

I don't have an invite myself. I guess we'll just have to do the best we can until then, and pray that Doomie opens up his blog again or invites us back into his world.

I'd settle for SPX 1751 for a Friday close into the German elections.

This old top-target idea:

A = (1343 - 666) = 677 pts
C = 1074 + 677 = 1751

There's a trendline from a couple of the recent peaks in this tape that points right to 1751 on Friday.

Permabear Doomster -- hope everything is swell with you. I'm always at if you need anything.

At this point, we can only wait ... and pray ...

Christian Gustafson said...

Hey hey!

Permabear Doomster is back.

I washed myself and fasted. I cut a calf. And I prayed.

And it worked! It really did.

Bicycle said...

No taper. Here it comes!!!

A couple of baby boomers in my hood just listed their dwellings for twice what they are worth.

A couple of days ago, Bill Daley also suddenly dropped out of the race for IL governor, after declaring only 4 months ago. Bill Daley, he of the houses of Clinton, Obama, and John Pierpont Morgan. He claimed he came to the realization that he did not want to run IL for the next 4 years. Something is afoot, and it ain't sunshine and roses...

Celestial events: between the full moon tomorrow night and the new moon on Oct. 5, we have the Sept. Equinox on Sept 22, and, on Oct. 3, Uranus is at opposition!!!

"Uranus will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view Uranus."

Bicycle said...

It will be funny if Yellen withdraws this weekend.

Christian Gustafson said...

Yellen is a perfect summer-of-1946 Baby Boomer.

She has to be in for the endgame.

Please look after my hometown of Rockton, Illinois, if you can. Winnebago County tends to have a rough time of it.

Bicycle said...

Hey, that's just up the creek from my folks' place.

There is a story in my family that one of our ancestors lent John Deere a couple hundred bucks to help finance the manufacture of his first plow, and he never paid it back. Irish farmers don't make good hit men...

I'll have to make it north past all of the bodies floating down the Rock. Perhaps I'll have to wait for the winter freeze; the ice cracking and buckling, the pops echoing off the sandstone walls of the old lady. Hopefully I'll make it before the thaw. The eagles will return to their rightful place, that spring, as the kings of the food chain.

Bicycle said...

On second thought, the Byron nuke plant will have melted down by then and all of Ogle County will be irradiated. I'll have to head west first. Maybe the fallout will keep the Chicagoans at bay.

Perhaps, if we get there early enough we can take Byron. It'll be just like Lucifer's Hammer!

sooner said...

Nice call on the bounce CG!