Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rollin Street aspirational marketing

I aspire to live and laugh in a fabulous endless melting-pot marshmallow beach party!

I aspire to the virtue that comes only from correct, approved, highly conspicuous consumption!

I aspire to have taste and to be active and outgoing, achieving personal bliss through wine purchases and kayak rides on Lake Union.  But first I must purchase a condo with an ARM.

I ASPIRE TO HAVE IT ALL, to BE David Duchovny, with Pam Grier on my arm, both of us clad in leather and designer denim, picnicking with wine, a rustic woolen blanket, and a retro lux car that demonstrates my obvious superiority to you 3-series and E-class herd animals!  PAUL ALLEN SIGN ME UP!

Actually, I think the first pic is from a pending disaster on Eastlake.  The funny thing about it is how they have hung this marketing banner on a chain-link fence at the work site.  "These are the sort of folks who will live HERE."  The RE bubble is a cynic's heaven.


cj2600 said...

Just go to and search in your ZIP. You'll be surprised how many houses are for listed for sale. LOL.
Real estate in California is in a bad shape? Seattle will be there, we are just lagging behind.

christiangustafson said...

You are very wise, and what you say is true. Still, I don't think true panic sets in here until WaMu falls over. And the Eastside (sp? East Side? Bellevue etc) will be especially bloody. The RE horror there will shock everyone.

Joel said...

"The RE horror there will shock everyone."

Man, I hope so.

christiangustafson said...

Dude, Microsoft is so overrated.

What if everyone decides XP is the last OS they really need? What if MSFT takes a serious look at the P&L of their non-performing business units? And does the right thing about them?

I can't believe how much the dirt in Bellevue has been bid up; dumb, transient tech money. Buh bye!