Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter walk to Everett

Easter Sunday I walked from N. Seattle to Everett, about 26 mi, in the rain.  I took a largely residential route, steering clear of bike paths or Highway 99.  North Greenwood up to the city limits at 145th St is bursting at the seams with inventory, which I'll document in a later visit.

North of Seattle, in Shoreline, I saw my first ECO VILLAGE ever:
This is how they live, these eco-villagers.  You can join them if you like, there's plenty for everyone.  I wonder how those solar panels are working out on a typical wet day like this?

Here's a huge shack I saw along the greenbelt on the north end of Edmonds.  I sure hope that a super Mormon lives here with a fantastic family with 12 kids.  It's probably just some deeply-leveraged speculator.

And then there is Lynnwood, lovely Lynnwood, WA.  This house seems to have developed a series of painful swellings along the corners and on the two columns up front.  Moisture?  Equity deposits?

They also had this in the yard.  Do I plant pansies or snap peas in these?  Do we burn lamp oil in them for the Olympic Games?  Are they valuable?  Will college boys take them?

And here's the next-door neighbor, yikes, what a dump:

Lynnwood is strange, a series of cookie-cutter cul-de sacs with the same suburban houses, filled in with pockets of appalling, Pierce County-style conditions.  Be afraid!


Jodi Losek said...

I can't believe you made it all that way in the rain.. you are crazy!!!! :)

christiangustafson said...

I have no life!

Actually, I'm trying to get my legs back in shape after the winter lull. Being a dad means that hiking time is scarce and precious, so it is important to do as much with it as possible.

If I do manage to get a summer weekend to hike somewhere, then I'm going all-out and putting up 60 mi. I need to make the best of it.