Monday, March 24, 2008

Aircraft carrier

OK, I need to come clean.  There's a reason I hiked 25+ miles to Everett on Easter Sunday in the rain.  

I did this last year, too.  But I forgot to bring my camera.

This lovely home was the object of my obsession.  It haunted me in dreams for a year.  It is situated on Mukilteo Speedway (WA 525) on the hill descending towards town and the ferry docks to Whidbey.  It has a nice view of Puget Sound.  Here's a shot from street-level:

Wait a second, what is that gray plane right in front of the house?  Can we get a better look, please?

Is it a tennis court?  A private runway?  A flight deck from a carrier?  What remarkable facilities do the nouveaux riches of Mukilteo have at their disposal?

Turning ... turning ... at last!  I see now.  It's a monstrous, armored cesspool, full of stagnant water and green sludge.  It's fortified like this to make sure that babies don't fall in.

Maybe I should do my hike again in the summer to see how it smells!


Dan C. said...


Love the new blog...just saw the link on urbnlivn. I am glad someone else out there shares my views and cynicism...keep the posts coming!

-Dan C.

Chris said...

Deflation Land RULZ! Where else will you find a 25 mile hike to visit a cesspool? North Seattle Salutes you!