Thursday, August 18, 2016

Charts 8/18: Updated count, idle speculations

A Trump victory will of course crash the equity markets, you know.

Everyone hits the exits all at once in a furious liquidation panic.

SPX long-term support @ 800


Christian Gustafson said...

As much as I like Mr. Trump, please understand he is the blackest of black swans for the neoliberal monetary and market establishment.

The Fed will pick up the ball in December with some special new madness all their own.

Bryan Franco said...

Fed as it exists will be no longer once TP in.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget what happens to presidents that rock the boat.

Ken Barrows said...

So these polls are wrong? Doesn't Trump need about 2/3 of the white vote to do it? I think it will be closer than the MSM says, but I don't see the math working out. Just a guess.

T.Berry said...

stocks won't go down because of trump imo. stocks will rise at a much slower pace in the extremely unlikely event he would win. i'd give that a less than 5% chance. any one whos invested in stocks needs to pull the hillary lever. democrats are much better for the stock market than the gop. it's a no brainer gang

T.Berry said...

the crash callers will soon be kicking the "crash-can" down the road till next year. that's when all the crashes happen right? lol. 7 years and counting LOL

TSE said...

No Idle speculations here:

Listen to the *ROAR* at idle - and then the takeoff....

From Hey Jackass!

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 411
Shot & Wounded: 2266
Total Shot: 2677
Total Homicides: 454

No speculation here.

Permabear Doomster said...

CG. What are you saying the Fed will do in December? Just a rate rise... or ?

TSE said...

"The Fed will pick up the ball in December with some special new madness all their own."

Nah. It's just part of The Circle of Life.

Empires come and go.

It is appointed, but once, for a Man to die.

The Death of Maximus

We are merely Observers - of a bracketed subset comprised of nothing. From which all arises.

Anonymous said...

Does a Hillary win = war with Russia?

TSE said...

THIS Elites v Plebes, - from SCC:

"If this is true, why hasn't Garry McDrinkypoo mentioned it yet? He's been crying foul about being fired to anyone who'll entertain the thought of even interviewing him, yet I haven't heard him mention a word of this. I know why he's kept his pie hole shut...

Attention news media... THIS is your "Code of Silence". It's what fuels gold star Bossholes' meteoric ascensions while CPD and guarantees cushy gigs post CPD.

The handful of blue shirt schleps that are getting crucified for merely being on scene and dropping witness statements after a traumatic incident are collateral damage by design. Ditto the sergeants who handled the TRRs and approved a GOCR. They are the scapegoats and safety cushions to ensure the CPD 'elite' walk away from incidents like this unscathed.

I pray Johnson is forced to step down and then joins every cocksucker associated with the LIEutenants scandal in getting indicted.

Fuck EVERY LAST ONE of the gold star whores that are frantically scrambling to save their own worthless hides. May your assholes be puckering tight to stave off the nervous shits. Fucking bastards."

*This is just a rumor again* SCC, this is unf#ckingbelievable how this is unraveling in just days. CPD gets a message from the OIG saying to fire Gene Roy. CPD releases a statement announcing Gene's "age-related" retirement that same day. Too little too late. Last week Gene Roy was interrogated by the OIG. Friday Dan Herbert got an order from a judge to turn over the transcript of the interview. Roy was given a copy of a list of attendees at the post-shooting briefing after this incident and asked what each attendee said. It was an easy answer. Each attendee was asked by the chief of patrol and each attendee said "This shooting is justified." Eddie Johnson was an attendee. I REPEAT: EDDIE IS ON RECORD AS SAYING THIS WAS A JUSTIFIED SHOOTING. How the F%CK does this guy fire officers who did nothing more than appear on scene to appease the mayor? He thought this would save his girlfriend? F%CK YOU EDDIE. YOU ARE DONE. Hope you had a good time with the shortest term of a superintendent ever you dipsh*t. *This is just a rumor again*
Holy shit Eddie is F$&&@d! Sworn testimony from multiple sources that Superintendent Johnson as Deputy Chief determined after viewing the video Van Dyke was justified. Either Eddie fires himself or this just went off the rails.
Oh yeah....the Chief of Patrol is always involved in these meetings.


And who was the Chief of Patrol?...


Syrian Su-24s attempting to fly close to U.S. Special Forces in Syria get intercepted and “encouraged to leave” by F-22 Raptors

Bryan Franco said...

When will it end..

TSE said...

"When will it end..:

That's a good question, indeed, for which no mere mortal human can really have an answer to.

Simply stated - it doesn't. It's the circle of life. With chance thrown in to skew the results. emember, that most of us in the West, myself included - are indoctrinated into "Christianity" - which is.... well, now that I am older and more educated, reject. You are looking for endings and beginnings in a Universe which doesn't contain those.

We are merely Observers - of a bracketed subset comprised of nothing. From which all arises.

In life, there is death, in death and destruction, there is life. It always has been and always will be. IT. IS.

Looking for an end is.... well, as fruitless as searching for the answer as to why there is something, when there should be nothing. But once again -nothing gives rise to something.

The Universe is ageless and eternal. IT. IS.

So we observe, and suffer those emotions given to sentinent beings. BECAUSE.

Simply, BECAUSE.

But we are Observers.

The Double Slit Experiment proves that - check it out for yourself, and OPEN YOUR EYES.

The fact that the Michelson - Morely Experiment failed is hidden. Aether actually exists - Since you look White, and from the West (no harm intended - just an observation) - meet (now deceased - Indian Guru Sai Baba - who is more well known that Jesus Christ.,9171,2068080,00.html

See also Dr. Paul LaViolette's website.


TSE said...

And from here we move to OM and the Cosmic vibration -

You do understand that that is Kali - (Hindu)

The Om (or Aum) is said to be the “sound” of cosmic creation that occurs throughout the universe. It is described in Hindu and Buddhist teachings and texts and many claim to hear it during meditation. In the context of the ancient physics of subquantum kinetics, it may be interpreted as the constant fluctuation of the ether substrates that extend throughout the universe and underlie our physical wave-like existence. This vibrating ether may be be compared to a choppy sea, or to the white noise snow many have seen on an untuned analog TV set. Subquantum kinetics predicts the existence of such a cosmic vibration as a collective of minute energy impulses, each of which is a momentary localized ether concentration pulse (or energy pulse) imparted when an etheron changes from one state to another either through a transmutation or reaction process. There may be an infinite number of such ether states in this possibly endless journey through ether states deployed through the higher dimension of space, but we have no way of knowing for sure. We can only hypothesize with some certainty that our universe exists at a particular juncture in this river of transformation, a flux that extends both “above” and “below” our physical plane.

This etheron transformation is a Markov chain process, one in which death from one state occurs in conjunction with birth into a new state. Shiva Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer from Hindu mysticism shown above, symbolically illustrates this Markovian process. His left hand holds the flame of cosmic dissolution which represents the departure of etherons as they disappear from their former etheric state to transmute into the next. His upper right hand, his hand of creation, holds a drum which he continually shakes creating the sound of cosmic creation, the Om sound. This represents the vibratory pulses of the etherons popping into their new etheron states throughout the universe. Shiva’s dancing body is configured in the shape of the ancient sanskrit Om symbol. Together, these processes of etheron dissolution and creation which Shiva denotes signifies the ever-present cosmic flux that sustains our physical universe in its present state of existence.

The Om may also be identified with the continual omnipresent stochastic energy fluctuation process that physicists call the zero-point energy continuum. Although the standard physics concept of quantum zero-point fluctuation differs in some respects in comparison to the subquantum fluctuation concept of subquantum kinetics, both theories predict the existence of a zero-point energy continuum. There is no known experiment that can directly observe these zero point fluctuations since subquantum kinetics predicts that they take place below the quantum level and standard physics predicts that they last a length of time too short for measurement. Their presence, however, has indirectly been observed through detection of the Casimir effect, a force theorized to be exerted on two closely spaced parallel plates, due to environmental zero-point fluctuation pressure attempting to pushing them together.

Subquantum kinetics predicts that these subquantum ZPE ether fluctuations spawn the spontaneous materialization of subatomic particles. Every subatomic particle that comes into being throughout the universe is predicted to be nucleated by a rare mega-fluctuation, or “critical fluctuation”, that emerges from time to time in this zero-point energy ether fluctuation process. In fact, in computer simulations of Model G, it is necessary to introduce such a seed fluctuation in order to nucleate a dissipative soliton (subatomic particle). In overview, we see that the continuous process of physical creation is ultimately spawned by the same vibratory process that produces the sound of the Om.

LOOK at the picture from the above referenced website - and now look at what stands to the entrance to CERN:


TSE said...

Kali, Shiva and Brahama are 3 in one - always that TRINITY - which brings in hyperdimenensional physics -

Remember that hyperdimenensional physics, a tetraherdon is a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, six straight edges, and four vertex corners

And what do you see at the entrance to CERN?


What are they searching for? The "god particle".

But in the Universe - there is no beginning or end.

It is and always will be.

It is as much of a mystery to me as you - it is learning to "ACCEPT". Because it will never end.