Monday, September 21, 2020

Danger is here

It looks like we're just getting started with a big, hairy C wave down to the depths -- how low will it go?  Once we test and lose the 200 DMA, it ought to accelerate and get very frightening in the short-term.


SPX RTH 1-hour

So let's go visit the 200 DMA, like, tomorrow.

/ES 1-hour

Big picture, first job is to cross the megaphone at breakneck speed.  Volatility looks completely confused at this point as OTM calls are rolling off and I'm not sure if anyone is hedging, because "correction".  

Good luck with that.

SPX 1-hour Sturm und Drang

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christiangustafson said...

Rumblings on /pol/ that Trump has the votes to confirm ...