Sunday, May 12, 2019


Futures off 30 tonight, and we could see something truly beautiful this week into May opex.

It has always been my personal thesis that when this thing finally goes, it will throw a rod and fall much faster than anyone thinks.  Shock and awe, bloody destruction, again and again.

We could be testing the Christmas lows as early as this Friday.

SPX nightmare

Market longs are simply in error.  And the S&P 500 is due for a good culling.

Good luck to all bears.


christiangustafson said...

Creative destruction -- from the ashes, we will rebuild.

christiangustafson said...

Now we count down the hours to a hard devaluation of the (actually worthless) Yuan.

Randall Beehomes said...

RIP dingle

Unknown said...

The shortest bear market in history, followed by the shortest bull market in history, lol. Bull market lasted 1 week after breaking through 2940. Now for another doozy of a bear market.

Kevin said...

The bulls have some work to do this week to prevent a change in trend from up to down. Most FANGS are sitting on their 50 day MAs, thus should rally hard very soon. However, AAPL and GOOGL are on day 2 below their 200 days. Very important they snapped back to prevent day 3, since crashes (of sorts) often land on day 4, so the bulls better step up tomorrow to prevent this correction from morphing into something much more sinister. On the political front, is Iran about to be a wag the dog event, to cover up the cluster F on China trade?