Thursday, July 21, 2016

More charts until we know next week

Just keep cranking them out like 500 million DM notes in the 1923.

It's always Weimar at my house
SPX 07-21
SPX Götterdämmerung


christiangustafson said...

Trump means accountability.

Trump means Kondratieff Winter and the global debt reset will finally arrive.

It must be embraced and not avoided.

rose2797 said...

CG, market still thinks Trump has no chance, but as soon as things look different, reality sets in. But so much of correction can it happen in such a short time

christiangustafson said...

Trump gaining a sizable lead, or scandal taking the cankles out from under Hillary, would essentially be a Black Swan to equities.

Trump means the end of Globalism. Who's holding long through that?

Anonymous said...

"or scandal taking the cankles out from under Hillary" If she can invite the mothers of felons to speak with her, I doubt anything else could taint her reputation. I'm beginning to think she WANTS Trump to win.

Bryan Franco said...

Guessing on a whim here. Market should have 1 to 2 % pullback soon, then about 3 to 4% up. Then crash before October. I actually think October will be a countertrend rally.

The Gustafson Family said...
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