Thursday, July 9, 2015

Important triangle on /ES futures

The strict short-term wave counts of the /ES and SPX are out of sync with each other because of the big gap down we had on the /ES last Sunday night.

Since then, the futures have drawn a very clear sideways triangle, which I think points us to new highs on the indexes next week.  If the count is right, these red candles are a false break, and we still have that one high left to go.

/ES will need to get over 2066 in the overnight session, then kissback the B-wave triangle tomorrow and leave it in a hurry.  Chart courtesy of Finviz.

/ES hourly with B of 5 triangle

When we finally do break from the ending-diagonal from the October 2014 lows, we should make a beeline straight back to 1820, i.e. the drama this week actually supports the case that the high is not in and the E-D is not complete.

Good luck, and be careful out there.  If I'm right, this will be a nasty little squeeze to the 2150 area on the S&P 500.


Christian Gustafson said...

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Permabear Doomster said...

Hello CG.

Looks like monthly bol' might slip into the 2160s in August. New historic highs in the Dow, sp' look very viable in August...before a more severe wave lower

The low 1800s look difficult.. I am certainly seeking a break <2K this Sept/Oct.

That would give the mainstream a good scare.. hell, some of them will probably start screaming at Yellen for QE4.

*if market upset in Sept... that'd then push out a rate hike... urghhh.