Monday, August 19, 2013

Charts 08-19: Heading back up

Looking for tomorrow to finish up wave (ii) of a larger ending-diagonal that will give us a final top in early October.  The last Bradley turn caught the bottom at SPX 1560, so I'll propose the upcoming 10/8 turn here.  It works in terms of time and price -- touching 1768 and the top of the 2009 rally channel.

On this timeline, the German election actually gives us the last push to the final top, not the top itself.

McClellan is oversold tonight -- very much so.

SPX 08-19 ending diagonal
SPX 08-19 5Y with 3PDH special effects

I saw my good friend Matt_bear this weekend, and encouraged him to move to WA before the dollar collapses, our Governor declares independence, annexes the nuke subs and carrier fleet in the Sound, and seals the borders.  He still has some time before this scenario plays out.

What concerns me about Matt_bear is how much he resembles the male lead in Taylor Swift's video "Trouble".  I'm pretty sure he is in this video.  I post the entire thing (instead of the goat version) because it is just so horribly BAD (in a Paul Fussell sense).

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