Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Charts 02-05: Is that a megaphone?

I'm scratching my head wondering if that megaphone shape is a broadening top, terminating this wave up, or if it is just a transitional pattern that will get run over in the morning.  I know some others are counting this as a wave 4 and start of a 5th (of the larger wave 3 up).  The shape is there, however we decide to count it, we'll see what we get on this tomorrow.

SPX 02-05
With all of the excitement today, we are still inside the larger bearish wedge on the SPX.  Daneric has us in a throwover of his wedge, but, remember, he counts the Wilshire.  It will be interesting to see if this makes any difference ultimately on the timing for a top.

SPX 02-05 6M
See?  No touch just yet, although it isn't far above us now.  Preferred count here is for us to (finally) pull back before a run to touch the top of the bearish wedge at the end of February.

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