Friday, February 1, 2013

Charts 02-01

The spike today actually makes for a much better, and complete, count.  The extra time eaten up by the endless BTD action this week pushes the retrace into February opex week.  We rally from there to McHugh's 3/1 turn, and then ...

I've been walking in to work lately, adding 35 mi to my personal odometer this week while saving $12.50 in bus fare.  It's still too dark in the morning to take photos of the latest housing atrocities in Seattle for the blog, but that will change pretty quickly with our high latitude.

Sorry about enabling comment review on the blog.  I've acquired some douchebag fanboi from TF, the anonymous heckler.  I just delete his remarks now without even reading them.  Take it to Daneric's place or the Yahoo! boards ...

Denninger had some nice RIMM trades, but now it looks like he's lost his mind.  It can happen.

SPX 02-01


Albertarocks said...

Hi Christian. In regard to your having to impose comment moderation... I know the frustration you're referring to. I stopped visiting that other site, now known as troll central, about a year ago. Who has time for that kind of nonsense? Not you. And not me.

There are douchebags all over the place who love to come storming in and try to wreck a joint. One of the things I looked into before I even let my blog really get rolling (only a year ago) was whether or not Disqus had a powerful enough troll gun to control those jerks. It does, which is why my blog is 100% free of that kind of negative activity. Hopefully you'll be able to find a less cumbersome method of control, which I'm surmising is what you would prefer.

I forget what kind of control Blogger itself offers, now that I rely on Discus. But a lot of users like the Disqus platform and it 'does' offer some pretty good banning powers. For example, that guy who bothered you recently, you could ban him by username, IP address or email address... or all 3. Or you could just mark his comment as "spam" and it goes into the spam bin. The next comment from him would go into the spam bin as well. [I'm talking about Disqus and if I'm not mistaken, even Blogger's spam function will work the same way].

One other thing, once you hit a troll like that with both barrels, they give up in a hurry.

Keep your chin up.

Bob's Technical Analysis said...

Hi Christian. Looks good. Somewhere between here and 1550 should do it.

I piece of the puzzle dropped in my lap today, reminding me that I am not crazy.

It is a leaked UN report that discusses the last 100 year global temperature warming is most likely attributed to solar activity. I've been looking at solar flux, sunspots, and solar cycles for about six years now, with just about everyone saying I was full of shit and crazy. Haha Guess one can't trust any Environmental Scientists. They enter the field with a motive. There is no such thing as a neutral environmentalist.

And of course, its a UN report, not a Fox report. Im pretty confident liberal news will dismiss it fully.

Permabear Doomster said...

Hmm, so...we're still waiting for the elusive retracement.

You realise of course, we could just keep going..1520s..1550s even in Feb.

I 'hope', we do fall to the 1460/50s, but there isn't any sign of that after Fridays price action.

One thing I would be surprised is if we get stuck before hitting the sp'1550/70s. The 1600s seem just as viable.

After all, the POMO $ from the Bernanke will just keep on coming, and the $ looks weak.

Good luck for next week.

*RE: posting lunatics

Often is the case such maniacs will leave a trail of who they really are online.

I went after one last Friday, after he posted not only @ troll-central, but my own page. I found his name, location, even a pic, via cross correlation of over 20 different websites. There shall be no more hiding for that particular troll.

Since last Friday, I've seen nothing from him. He is probably still wondering if I've filed a police report or not.


stanley j g crouch said...


Dr. McHugh still believes we are not complete in wave 1. If that be the case, it is very hard to see how we do all of four waves by Mar 1st.

If we do, we must get volume and intra-day swings as well as big ES action in off hours.

Christian Gustafson said...

You are correct, McHugh thinks we are only working on '1' here, with the $USD headed to 76. That is the key question, whether his Jaws of Death is a true megaphone top that sets a new high on its 'e' wave, or finishes below it.

We still have his March 1 phi mate turn date, which coincides with the sequester, the last wedge, which is still intact., and the turn of the king momo stock AAPL.

We would have to blow out the bearish wedge first, the thick red trendlines on my chart. Can't wait to get through February.

stanley j g crouch said...

McHugh just posted a pretty major extension.

He said 2013 and even into 2014...?? and 15500 to 16000 on the Dow.

I wish he'd explain it in a bit more detail after a MAJOR change like that..??!!

stanley j g crouch said...


Pay no mind to trolls.

I always use my real name.

Trolls generally forgot their meds or refuse to take them...