Sunday, October 28, 2012

SPX thought experiment

Good luck to all [you evil market speculators] this week.

BTW, topping into a New Moon after the U.S. election ... hmm ...  pretty much the perfect time for Israeli F-16s to take wing.

June w1 transposed into this week


christiangustafson said...

Acts of God are playing with our lunar timeline here!

At least we're not holding any weekly SPY options, watching 2 days of theta go to options Heaven.

christiangustafson said...

The severe weather delay of a couple of days here may push the final top from the November New Moon into November opex. Rallying into an opex always presents an opportunity for a reversal if only because a fresh wave of protective puts has just gone to Options Heaven.

Can we then say that Elliott Wave actually caused hurricane Sandy, to create a slight delay needed in the SnP cash chart?

Yes, I think we can. The evidence is simply overwhelming at this point.

The waves work in mysterious ways, it is up to us to study them, attempt to understand them, and then do their bidding.

(ack, I'm bored ... is it RTH yet?)