Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Charts 9-25: Wave 4 winding down

Took a very strenuous 50 mile hike over the weekend, the Skyline primitive trail loop out in Olympic National Park.

Since then, we have just been waiting for the C wave of the 4 we are in to finish up.  I'm looking for it to touch the lower bound on a larger channel formed since July, and for us to have one last 5th wave up into mid-next week.

Finishing the wave 4 by Thursday close would be super.

5-wave C of 4
Final 5th wave ends mid-channel for a top

1st leg down to SPX 970?

The Skyline trail is one of my favorite trails in Olympic, as it visits some very remote and isolated parts of the wilderness.  It's poorly maintained and often dangerously exposed, but it's a great place to seek solitude and macro-fauna in the early fall.  I saw no other hikers on the route.

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