Thursday, September 13, 2012

Charts 9-13: About that Bollinger ...

We finally took out that pesky weekly Bollinger at 1448 today, and came about as close to the monthly Bollinger as we did at the 2007 top.  Of course we closed right on top of everything.

So I agree with Daneric tonight that this thing can break down at any moment now, tomorrow or over the weekend with the New Moon.  Maybe $100 crude will greet the markets in the morning.

If we actually do find a top, and start heading down, here's how we could do it in light of the 3PDH I've been stalking.  I make use of existing channel lines and fib relationships, with each successive wave down rolling over on a failure to regain the channel above.

But until we have actual red candles, this is just ... wild speculation.

A fine finish to 3PDH

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