Thursday, August 30, 2012

Charts 8-30 a.m.: Not topped yet

Tomorrow's Jackson Hole address comes on a full moon -- these have reliably marked bottoms for months now.

A bottom tomorrow in the SPX 1400 area sets us up for a stuttering 5th wave rally all the way to the next juncture September 12, FOMC and the German Constitutional Court decision on the ESM.

We would also be at the midpoint of the channel on the chart, touching serious overhead resistance at 1440.

The weekly Bollingers will also be satisfied, and allow us to top and begin heading down.

Congrats to Pieter for calling this one right ... although it hasn't happened yet ... but we think it will ... and ... Christ, you know how this TA voodoo works.  Two more weeks of the madness.

You know the drill ... one more wave 5 ... aiigh!

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