Thursday, August 2, 2012

Charts 8-02: Luna, you out there?

I think I see that 1430 that's been on your mind for a long, long time.

End of next week?

Short-term count

The big picture


sooner said...

I guess you will have to re-evaluate if the market hits new highs?

christiangustafson said...

I'm fine with it hitting new highs above 1422, sure. I'll get worried, though, if it blows through 1440 and heads toward 1500.

It would be nice to see the great big multi-year ending-diagonal triangle complete about as expected. This pattern was originally identified by Lunatic_Fringe on TickerForum.

Luna's another Silver member (but not banned like me) who can no longer post his charts to the Technical Analysis area on TF, which is only available to paying Gold members.

Oh, I mean, "donors", gold donors, sorry.

sooner said...

Yeah, i read his stuff religiously....