Thursday, July 26, 2012

Charts 7-26, crackhead country

Well it's nice to see that we found those 15 handles today; those calls I scalped for a slim gain would have been 4-baggers.

We either get back inside the wedge here, or we fail.  No one is talking about the GDP number out tomorrow.  What happens if it comes in negative?  Or would that rally us?

If this is the channel, and we get a spark, we have the potential to do something truly historic tomorrow.    Super-unlikely, I know ... but ... Fridays have been very volatile lately.

I just want to post this chart so that we can say someone saw the possibility for tomorrow, OK?

Welcome to crackhead country


christiangustafson said...

Hmm, no big surprises this morning. Looks like the market wants to see what the ECB and Fed have for us next week, so we have another move up into the wedge.

Bicycle said...

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