Sunday, July 22, 2012

Authors wanted!

Looks like I'm the latest refugee from Karl Denninger's Ticker Forum site, where I used to post daily charts of the SPX and Elliott Wave counts.

We had a pretty good vibe there, a solid group of thoughtful people trading in ideas.  And ... it's gone.

So I'm bringing my charts and counts home, and I'm inviting any of my old pals who are interested to let me know, and I will add you as a co-author to this blog.  Life for us will go on pretty much as it has, sharing charts, counts, and ideas, and riding this market to its final destination.

CJ?  Luna?  BritishSteel?  Pieter?  Any takers?


Chris Gallucci said...

Found you! Just following. Hopefully some of the others will follow on to contribute too.

WAVEAWAY said...

Hey Christian...and thanks for getting some of us over here. I would like to post the Halsey updates if you do not mind...unless Dop will also come over..then I just read his!

Bicycle said...

Thank you for posting your updates over here!

christiangustafson said...

Sure thing, as long as it's not newsletter content or Someone Else's Stuff.

Hmm ... for you and anyone else who wants to post here ... it looks like I need your email address to add you as a contributor.

So please ping me at

christiangustafson said...

Hey, I got the formal ban-hammer this morning.

Did you know Karl reads and edits PMs on his board?

Niiiice guy that Denninger.

Chris Gallucci said...

Wow. Just wow.

On another note, if you use thinkorswim another discussion forum possibility is

Ponzi Unit said...

Following you Chris.

Michelle said...

following you now. I don't trade but have been very interested in your thread, and your predictions for TEOTWAWKI. Thanks for all you do. Disappointed in what's going on at TF right now.

Anonymous said...

Douchebag Denninger does not believe in free speech. Everyone that does not agree with eventually ends up getting banned or leave the forum. That is why being a gold donor there is a waste of money.

I wish Asimov would come over here too. Not sure if I can handle not knowing if he is back in short.

Pieter vL said...

I posted from time to time in CG's thread, in Luna's, and in CJ's over at TF. And I will post here as well.


Pieter vL said...

I'll add this now. I'm of the view that we are NOT breaking down this week. We got very close, and we may get even closer to doing so this week, but I believe they pull out one last save within a week or so.

That's not from the gut, but from weekly charts that strongly appear to have 'decided' promptly today not to provide long term sell confirmations just yet. So Friday and today still appear to be counter-trend. However, it could take until Wed or later to establish the uptrend, as we test for a solid bottom.

I'd say if the Spain bailouts collapse, its over.