Thursday, March 6, 2008

The eternal march of Progress

A bowling alley once stood here.  Blue-collar family entertainment.  Off the lanes was an inexpensive bar with a tiki theme and a rousing karaoke night.  Gone now, displaced by the commodity driven by zero-down loans and rampant speculation: real estate.

A few blocks away, at 85th and 8th Ave NW, they race to finish these before the mortgages fall through.  These shacks are probably listing for $375-$400K.

Before and after wonderful luxe "finishes" are added, off Holman Rd, not far from Dick's Drive-in:

Down 105th, we see an entire world constructed of this sawdust glueboard crap.

Culminating in the fabulous Dwell townhouses, which will one day burn down in a multi-fatality tenement tragedy:

Cultural anthropologists of the future: this is how we lived in 2008, in Seattle, WA, in good times.  We manufactured houses out of wasteboard crap, and sold them to people without any money, using zero-down ARMs.  Yes, our culture and standards were utter rot.

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