Thursday, January 24, 2008

Staging in N. Greenwood

I giggled the first time some Californian referred to "Fontucky" in a Bubble Blog, in reference to Fontana, CA.  Every city has a Fontucky, Seattle's is North Greenwood.  A lot of the houses up here are little more than shacks, there are few if any sidewalks, and cars and garbage are common.  It's not a rough neighborhood, just shabby and scummy.  
It's also the hotbed of all kinds of flipper speculation, crappy townhouse construction, and the general silly gold rush that is the Housing Bubble.  Here is how Greenwood residents stage their houses, er, homes:

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davenath said...

I really think you should go back and research exactly why that area of Greenwood has no sidewalks and is kind of a drag. (As late as 1970 that wasn't even part of the city. - 85th Ave was the city limit )

I don't think its a flipper's paradise, as the values there haven't gone up with the same zeal as the other areas surrounding the neighborhood.

Instead it is probably the only "affordable" location in North Seattle.