Friday, June 5, 2015

Charts 06-05: Nested ending-diagonals

Here is a chart with two ending-diagonal 5th waves in play: one that began with the spike off the October 2014 lows, and a more recent choppy minor 5th.

Each pattern provides an initial target upon its break: the 2047 SPX level initially, followed by a full return back to 1820.

Looking ahead to this fall, SPX 1266 and eventually 1074 are support for the big drops.

Good luck, volatility is returning soon.

Edit: the pink vertical lines on this chart are Bradley model turn dates per Manfred Zimmel, our friend in the Austria.

SPX 06-05 nested ending-diagonals

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Christian Gustafson said...

Bryan -- I'll write up a longer response to your question of providing advice, sort of a first principles post, the meaning of all this, this weekend.