Monday, February 17, 2014

Yen-watching season

All eyes on USDJPY now to see if it will reject from underneath the important 102 level.  This will decide if we have two more weeks (at least) of bear-winter, or if the "1929 fractal" will emerge with a vengeance.

102 as OH resistance now:


Larger picture, USDJPY is near the edge of a channel that has run since the January 1 "major" Bradley turn.

USDJPY channel since 1/1 Bradley turn

If we do break down, I would speculate (as is the task of this blog) that it would get very nasty into the Spring.

SPX 02-16 teh OMG super-bearish

If the Jaws of Death model describes a reverse symmetrical triangle -- an epic megaphone -- then, according to Bulkowski, we should expect its E wave to be a 3, as was the 2007-2008 bear market.  Maybe something like this.

SPX 02-16 3Y

If the rain holds off, I'm going to sneak out tonight to take some night pix of some empty office buildings downtown.  Please keep an eye on USDJPY in the meantime.

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Richard Head said...

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