Thursday, January 9, 2014

Charts 01-09: Count wrapping up?

Tomorrow looks like a good opportunity for a key reversal day.  The NFP data in the morning could rally the market initially, until a new high or important level is hit, followed by a selloff on high volume.

The McClellan oscillator had a small change today, suggesting a large move is coming in the indexes in the next couple of days.

SPX 01-09


Permabear Doomster said...

You have a case of Danerictitus.

You are still just sticking a giant down line..each month..from a higher and higher level.

I'd be curious as to any thoughts on the notion that we might never go below sp'1500 EVER again.

Seriously...what you have to say to that?

T.Berry said...

PB, The market will never see sub 1,500 again IMVHO. I just don't see how that would be possible. Actually can't see it going below 1,600 either.