Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Charts 11-20

I'd like to see us back at SPX 1805 by early Friday ... for a violent reversal.

Good luck to all risklove speculators and fellow-travellers.

SPX 11-20




Depriv said...

Actually, why do you think it was the third which extended in this impulse? (Your first chart.)

I expect the fifth to extend (with, maybe its own fifth is extended too).

Bryan Franco said...

CG - is there not a way for us to post our charts in the comments section? Thanks.

Christian Gustafson said...

IMG tags not accepted in the comments.

I can add you as a blog editor, with posting privs, if you like. Drop me a line.

treider_ said...

great post .. I see an IHS int he spx 10 min .. target around 1815

Christian Gustafson said...

"The next release of the tentative outright Treasury operation schedule will be at 3 p.m. on November 27, 2013. At that time the Desk will publish information on transaction prices for securities included in the operations listed above."

Bicycle said...

Man... Hugh Hendry capitulating. We gotta be close. I can never bring myself to short this but I might have to take off my last long position soon.

It's quite a view, looking out over the tail end of the 20th century American empire. And knowing it.

I finally watched From the Earth to the Moon this month. It all seems so distant, so... god-like.