Monday, June 10, 2013

Charts 06-10

It looks like about half the population of ZeroHedge thinks Edward Snowden a brave and valiant whistleblower, and the other half suspects some kind of triple-layer cake of false intel, controlled releases, and much deeper scandal.  My instinct is to go with Occam's Razor and see him as genuine.

I just want to know whether Chief Justice Roberts was blackmailed with NSA intel into swinging his opinion on the ObamaCare case.  That one seems to be the cutting edge of rumor-dom, as far as I can tell.  It's all plausible now, there is no tinfoil any longer.

I'll also be interested in what else Snowden has to say, and whether or not he has a good deadman's switch with the real juicy stuff to protect himself in case he is ultimately rendered by the spooks.

The entire world around us is propped up by an outrageous lie, that being, that U.S. Treasuries have any value at all, that the debt has any claim whatsoever on brave Edward's generation and that of my own children.  It is our historic privilege to live to witness the entire Treasury complex collapse into dust, and to see our people freed from bondage.  Those of us who are aware of these things, we have front-row seats for the Big Show.  Long Jiffy-Pop.

Volatility tonight provided by the Yen; the /ES is and will keep tracking it closely.  The very small change on the McClellan oscillator today suggests a large move on the indexes in the next day or two, probably on sharp Yen weakness before it takes off north again.

The inverse head-and-shoulders firmed up somewhat today with a more level neckline, and if it's valid it targets new highs in the 1700 area.  Thursday would be lovely.

SPX 06-10


Bryan Franco said...

CG - the inverse hs seems to be losing its 'tension'

treider_ said...

most probably de IHS pattern will be denied tomorrow .. very good charts recently, but looks like we are going down before another new high